Top 10 Mac Keyboard Covers That You Would Definitely Want to Show Off

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Keyboard (KB) covers are among the most popular Mac accessories available for users. There are many options provided by Apple itself, but other design companies have joined in the excitement and offer their own products, particularly designed to match the quality of the hardware that the coves will be used on. The best high quality Mac keyboard covers undergo a thorough quality control procedure to ensure that every unit is durable and fall within the high expectations of Mac users. Covers for Mac keyboards are designed such that each and every unit would fit Mac laptops and desktops from different countries around the world. These ten are all guaranteed to not slip during typing and make your Mac look even better than it already does.

10. Fun with colors with the ProTouch Vibes10 Fun with colors with the ProTouch Vibes

There are four options for those who require ProTouch Vibes KB covers. The colors are in very stylish translucent dual-tone. These very capable protective devices provide the cover that your Mac keyboard deserves. These KB covers are stylish without being too loud.

9. ProTouch Vibes for Apple Aluminum Wired/Wireless Keyboard9 ProTouch Vibes for Apple Aluminum Wired-Wireless Keyboard

Mac wireless keyboard users who want to have a fun time while typing away will enjoy the same protection from the four ProTouch Vibes options available. After all, keyboards ought to be as fun as they can be.

8. Large Type Cover for MacBook Pro8 Large Type Cover for MacBook Pro

Large print keyboards may not have taken off as much as the designers wanted it to, but there’s always a market for large print keyboards for those who require it due to problems with vision, or it could just be a preference. Nonetheless, large-print KB covers can be considered as viable options.

7. TopCase® RED Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin for MacBook7 TopCase® RED Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin for MacBook

This particular KB cover for is for the MacBook. There are three available designs—the 13″, the 15″, and the 17″. The soft and translucent KB cover provides adequate protection and eventually, a better typing experience. Some people ease into it early on while others require more time in getting used to the feel of the silicone surface.

6. Customized KB covers for Mac6 Customized KB covers for Mac

No matter what design or color the tops of the keys come in, the other surfaces of the keyboard are clear enough to allow for the backlight to shine through. At first, it usually feels weird while you type, but after a while, the cover would fit into every nook and cranny and you’d get a perfect fit.

5. UK Mac Keyboard Decal Skin Cover5 UK Mac Keyboard Decal Skin Cover

This stylish, glossy, and very patriotic full-detail design is for the 13” MacBook Pro. Other sizes are available upon request from the sellers. The decal is easy to clean and apply. The material used is vinyl and when removed, it leaves no residue at all. The skin is only 0.1mm thin but this flimsy layer provides full protection from water and oil. It is scratch-proof and fade-proof as well.

4. Lego Keyboard Decal4 Lego Keyboard Decal

Who wouldn’t want a customized die cut vinyl Lego design cover that comes in high quality make and material? There’s no reason to doubt the ability of decals to protect your Mac keyboard for a long time. Decals are specifically designed for long term requirements. The colors are guaranteed to last many years, even when exposed to outdoor conditions, if you like to use your Mac in such an environment.

3. Matching Color Silicone and Hard Cover Case

3 Matching Color Silicone and Hard Cover Case

Vibrant colors that match the shade of the laptop hard case. Ultra-transparent silicone protective cover keeps out various possibly harmful elements off that marvel of engineering—your Mac keyboard. Silicone keyboard covers are smooth, soft, and ultimately indispensable in keeping out food and all sorts of beverages from your precious Mac.

2. iSkin ProTouch FX Keyboard Protector

2 iSkin ProTouch FX Keyboard Protector

If you prefer your smudge prevention tool to be more sophisticated in terms of color and design, they you’d better opt for the iSkin ProTouch FX Keyboard Protector. Teens and yuppies prefer this mainly because of the “FX” that three types of keyboard protector offer the most demanding customer. Some of these effects are backgrounds that glow in the dark, and LED backlight. The lightsaber blue option is definitely popular.

1. ProTouch Classic for MacBook Air 2010

1 ProTouch Classic for MacBook Air 2010

Nothing beats the classics, and it’s the same even for keyboard covers. The options for the MacBook Air 2010 all have Microban protection. The bestseller for both 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook is the clear and elegant Arctic keyboard protector.


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