Top 10 MMO Games for Mac That Will Re-Define Your Gaming Experience

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Despite criticisms on the capability of Apple computers to accommodate massive multiplayer online games, Mac supporters and users say that Macs are indeed compatible for such games. Mac users do have access to browser-based MMORPGs, but there are a number of developers who have taken the time to develop games that will not give Mac users any trouble playing. Here are ten MMO games for Mac that might help prove their point.

10. Savage 2- A Tortured Soul10 Savage 2- A Tortured Soul

Savage 2 was released in 2008 and runs on Mac OS X. The developer of the game is S2 Games and offers this game for free. This fantasy sci-fi game is a sequel to Savage: The Battle for Newerth. Savage 2 has real-time strategy requirements. It’s an action, first-person role playing game. You can choose to belong to either the Legion or Man or The Beast Horde.

9. Battlestar Galactica Online9 Battlestar Galactica Online

Another browser-based game that Mac users can play for free is Battlestar Galactica Online. Battlestar Galactica is a famous science fiction series that became very popular on TV. The storyline of the game is an expanded account of a chapter that was featured in Season 2 of the television series. Two fleets are stranded somewhere in space and they need to fight each other for dominance as well as resources. The 3D graphics on this game is quite spectacular.

8. Dofus8 Dofus

This game requires Adobe Flash Player and 3MB of hard drive space only. Published by Ankama Games, Dofus had become famous and its playerbase is huge despite the low quality graphics and the rather slow fight scenarios. But the cartoon-like graphics are very appealing. And the gameplay is complicated enough to keep people interested. A player can choose from 12 classes, each with its own specialized skill such as healing, fighting, casting spells, and summoning.

7. Clone Wars Adventures7 Clone Wars Adventures

Star Wars fans have one more online game to enjoy. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is a MMORPG that is true to the storyline and characters of the Cartoon Network series. This game will also prove to be satisfactory even for the movie fans because the main characters of the Star Wars series are featured in the game as well. There are mini-games to explore and the visuals are at par with the expectations of fans.

6. Fallen Earth6 Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth is set 100 years after Shiva, a plaque decimated 99% of the world’s population, a classless society exists. The survivors live in an area within the Grand Canyon and live a desperate existence. The game is in 3D and is primarily a real-time first person shooter game. One of the best features of the game is the huge number of missions that the player needs to complete (5, 500 missions).

5. Amped 25 Amped 2

The city of Wingdom soldiers, knights, heroes, and spies fight against each other. This MMO game is set in Wingdom. The graphics are low quality compared to others of its kind. A whole city is waiting to be explored and the game modes are varied enough to maintain gamers’ interest.

4. Fusion Fall4 Fusion Fall

Cartoon Network characters are brought together in this MMO game for children. There are 600 missions to accomplish. The main directive is to defend the world from aliens who are dead set in invading their world. Cartoon Network designed the game with Grigon Entertainment. Kids would enjoy the special powers that “Nanos” could provide.

3. Warhammer Online3 Warhammer Online

This game is based on the Warhammer world developed by Games Workshop. It has been modified specifically for use in Mac devices. This fantasy MMORPG requires a player to join army. There are two main choices—the Armies of Order or the Armies of Destruction. Once an allegiance is chosen, there are an unlimited number of battles to be fought.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean Online2 Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones are alive and kicking in this very popular MMORPG that works well with both Windows and Mac OS. You can create your own pirate profile and your own ship as well. This game is a great platform for those who enjoy the films immensely. The challenges include battling the evil undead, looking for buried treasure, and fighting in the high seas with all sorts of weapons (magic and curses included).

1. Minions of Mirth1 Minions of Mirth

This is the word out: Minions of Mirth is the favorite MMORPG amongst Mac users today. Praire Games designed the game to work for both PC and Mac OS X. Those who want to have a taste of the excitement can download the free version first and then decide whether the paid version is well worth it.


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