10 Simple Tips To Speed Up Macbook Pro In 30 Minutes (Or Less!)

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speed up Macbook ProDo you wish your Macbook could run a little faster?

The good news is that there are ways to speed up your Macbook Pro in just 30 minutes or less.

Here are some of them:


10. Restart your Mac.

Sometimes, restarting once in a while can help speed up your Macbook. Restarting will clear out any stuck processes that could slow down your system.


9. Reduce Login Items.

If it takes a while for your computer to boot up, the problem might be in the number of login items. Login items automatically launch at startup. As a result, the startup process would be longer.

Reduce login items by going to System Preferences, User & Groups, and click Login Item. Uncheck those items which you don’t need to open during startup.


8. Find a substitute for apps with high memory usage.

The more space an app consumes, the more that it could slow down your system’s performance.  Check your activity monitor under the Utilities menu and check for apps and files with a high CPU usage.

Close any app that is using unreasonably high resources and replace it with an app that has lower system usage. For instance, if Firefox uses more memory, you could substitute it with browsers that are less memory-intensive such as Chrome.


7. Clean up your hard drive.

Part of cleaning your hard drive is removing duplicate files, uninstalling useless apps, and deleting files that are already obsolete.  This procedure can be done manually or automatically using Mac cleanup applications.



6. Close apps you don’t use.

Any docked app that is lighted underneath takes up RAM. If you are no longer using an app, close it to save on memory space. From the Application menu, choose Quit, or you could also right click on the app’s dock icon then choose Quit.


5. Update Your OS.

Normally, you Mac will automatically update its OS. But in cases when it does not, you could always check for the latest update of your OS and install it. Updating your OS may take several minutes but doing so can significantly improve the speed of your computer.


4. Organize your Desktop.

A cluttered desktop will also cause your system to slow down. Every icon or file in your desktop is considered by your system as a separate window that utilizes your system’s resources. The more system resources are used up, the more your system will slow down.


3. Clear your browser’s cache.

A browser’s cache is where your browsing history is stored. If left to pile up for months or years, it can add up to gigabytes of disk space. Get rid of it before it can significantly affect your system’s performance. The procedure for clearing cache depends on your browser.

  • Safari – Go to Preferences, select Advanced then Show Develop Menu.  Check Develop Menu then click Empty Caches.
  • Chrome – Press Command + H. Under Clear browsing data, select “the beginning of time” if you like to clear all history items. Select some of the items in the options especially the first four items, then select Clear browsing data.
  • Firefox – Under Edit, select Preferences, Expand Advanced, then choose the plus (+) sign. Under Cache, select Clear cache.

For other browsers, you could do a quick search online on how to clear their caches.


2. Close widgets you don’t need.

If you have dashboard widgets that you don’t really use, getting rid of them can possibly improve your Macbook’s speed.


1. Use Mac Speed Up Application.

If you still can’t speed up Macbook Pro in 30 minutes despite doing all of the above procedure, your next resort would be to use a Mac speed up application such as Mackeeper. This application has functionalities that help optimize the performance of your computer. Simply run this application and it will do system cleaning and other necessary actions to speed up your computer.

You don’t have to spend hours just to speed up Macbook Pro. The 10 simple steps listed here will make it possible for you to improve the performance of your computer in just half an hour or even less.


Your Turn

Do you have other suggestions to speed up a Macbook Pro in less than 30 minutes?


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  1. andrew watts

    September 17, 2014 4:43 am

    I am a Mac user for last 5 years and exploring the tricks to speed up Mac but till today spinning beach beach ball stuck the work in mid. Although the above mentioned tricks are nice to get rid from spinning beach ball. Stellar Speed up Mac tool worked well for me and I remove caches, junks, and unwanted stuff from this utility.


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