Top 10 Mac Hidden Object Games That Will Either Get You Hooked or Scare You out of Your Wits

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Innovations in gaming do not just involve better sounds and graphics and friendlier interfaces. Mac hidden object games are outdoing each other with intriguing storylines and game play that become more interesting by the minute. If you enjoy looking for hidden things that are very hard to find, here are ten games to discover and explore on your favorite Mac device.

10. Haunted Hotel10 Haunted Hotel

What could be better than a haunted hotel for an equal dose of thrills and chills? Here’s the storyline. You are lost. You happen to be driving down a lonely stretch of highway, and you need directions. You ought to be thankful you even found any sign of civilization. And once inside, there’s a wealth of things needing to be found. This game is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9.

9. The Hidden Object Show9 The Hidden Object Show

The Hidden Object show’s challenge for the gamer is to find certain objects from the litter that’s inside an abandoned movie studio. It could have been given a better name—something more catchy or more suggestive of the game play. Nonetheless, if you want to find hidden objects, then this game delivers. And in the Hollywood tradition, the prices are sky-high. What awaits you at the end is $8 million. And just like certain shows that drag on and on from one season to the next, this game takes a long time to complete. It’s the perfect choice for gamers who have the time to kill.

8. Magician’s Handbook II – BlackLore8 Magician's Handbook II – BlackLore

Anything with “magician” in it sounds promising, right? Well, this one sure has an elaborate background story. The setting is the Cursed Valley. There is a dark entity called Black Lore (a magician and a pirate—deadly combination for a villain). He has spent most of his (dark) energy on imprisoning fairies (good ones). Your task is to unlock certain items and find specific objects that just might end the dark reign. If you don’t have a Mac OS X 10.4+ on your system, better upgrade first or you’ll never have the enviable opportunity to explore this magical world.

7. Lost Secrets – Ancient Mysteries7 Lost Secrets – Ancient Mysteries

Rather than invent a fictional Egyptian pharaoh, the developers chose to expand on famous King Tut’s rich yet short history. The search occurs in the Valley of Kings and what you need to unearth are clues leading to the secret for the young King’s early death. Your exciting adventure would require you to decipher ancient texts, solve confounding riddles, and get the better of an ancient cult that is determined to stop you at any cost from discovering the truth behind Tutankhamen’s death. If you want to see first if you have the potential to be the next John Carter, get the free tryout version first.

6. Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets6 Dr. Lynch Grave Secrets

Of the popular hidden object games, this one is said to contain the most engaging and tantalizing visual art. If you’re intrigued already, make sure that you have a Mac OS X 10.4 or an Intel Mac. The game is rather easy to download. After installation, you may start. And don’t expect just one scenario. Dr. Lynch (that would be you once the game commences) would find himself or herself deciphering clues in order to investigate sightings of a ghost in various settings. That’s what makes the game less predictable and even more challenging than most.

5. Paris 1925 –The Shadow of the Freak5 Paris 1925 –The Shadow of the Freak

If that title isn’t enough to pique your interest, then you’re probably not the hidden object game enthusiast that you presume yourself to be. Anyway, 1920s Paris is rife with intrigue and mystery. You’d be digging for clues, writing reports, taking photographs, interviewing witnesses. You’d traverse the Parisian avenues and you’ll find yourself under the Arch de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, but you’re not there to admire architectural and engineering marvels. This game’s objective is to find a killer –The Shadow of the Freak – and end the reign of terror.

4. Murder Club: Death in Scarlet4 Murder Club Death in Scarlet

If you can’t get enough of murder mysteries, here’s one more game for you. Solve riddles and puzzles, and examine available clues. Women players will not find it difficult to assume the roles of the lead characters in this game that is set in San Francisco. Cindy Thomas is the ace journalist covering the ghastly occurrences. Claire Washburn is the name of the medical examiner tasked to examine the victims’ bodies. And Det. Lindsay Boxer leads the hunt for the criminal. This game is a guaranteed success for thrill-seekers.

3. City of Fools3 City of Fools

At Tundrel, there is a UFO conspiracy that involves the whole town. You are an out of town journalist, and you need to get to the Mayor in order to make sense of what the local folks are saying. But before you get there, you’d have to go through 500 locations, which is just another way of saying that you have to go through the whole population of UFO conspirators. But, are they really conspirators, or is there truth behind the UFO rumors?

2. Mystery of Mortlake Mansion2  Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

Finding hidden objects from a clutter is not easy when it’s happening inside a spooky mansion, but it’s definitely exciting. Your adrenaline would be pumping up like crazy mainly because of the amazing sounds and graphics. The storyline is hardly original, but the ambience makes up for it. There are two levels of difficulty and challenges are just about right to give the player an interesting time.

1. Theatre of the Absurd1 Theatre of the Absurd

So, what about this fetish for horrifying settings? It’s not really that. We chose this game and a number of other of similar themes for the atmosphere that they provide. You really don’t want to look for hidden objects in places that do not give you chills. Where’s the fun in that? The story line on this one involves a girl possessed by a demon. The setting is an isolated theatre in the Italian Alps. You play a supernatural expert and you are tasked to collect artifacts that would be used to vanquish the demonic presence. It’s very challenging and it’s the scariest of the lot, and that is why Theatre of the Absurd is in our number one slot.


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