Top 10 Mac Money Management Software for Effectively Managing Finances

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Tracking income and expenses is important not only for businesses but for individuals and households as well. This will determine the amount and source of the money you receive and where they are spent. Through this, budgeting can easily be done. Doing the steps manually could take time. Plus, it may not be that easy especially if you don’t have a background in accounting. To make this more convenient, you may use a Mac money management software for tracking your cash flows.

10. iCash10iCash

iCash was developed by Max Programming, S.L. and is available for $49.99. Know your sources of income and determine where you spend them by using this software. You don’t have to be an expert in accounting as this program will perform all the computation and reports for you. Create accounts under specific categories like banks, incomes, expenses, credits and debts. You may create as much categories and accounts as you want. If you wish to use this for personal, business and for your association, it is possible to create a money manager document for each.

9. Moneydance9Moneydance

This is one of the best Mac money management software that you can use. It does not just track your income and expenses but it also offers valuable features including budgeting, tracking of investments, reminders, bill payment and online banking. Your finances can be easily organized and managed using this program. Never miss the dues on your bills with its reminders. Check your transactions with banks and other financial institutions and make payments online with Moneydance. See if your income or expenses are going up or down through its graphic tool. Add, edit or remove transactions easily without having to manually compute the total amount as the program will do this automatically for you.

8. Money8Money

Money was created by Jumsoft and is available for $38.99. It offers easy tracking of expenses and income, budgeting, smart scheduler, advanced reports, investment tracking and more. Money supports different types of currencies and allows managing of different account categories like investment, cash and bank. Search for data easily, print checks and download transactions from financial institutions. Plan your budget ahead and track if you are nearing your set limit for each account. Aside from getting reminders for scheduled transactions that you should make, you also have the option to automatically pay for them. Follow your investment accounts and see how well you are doing on them. It also has iCloud feature so you can check your documents not only on your computer, but on other Apple devices too.

7. MoneyWell7MoneyWell

Developed by No Thirst Software LLC, this money management software for Mac is available for $49.99. With this program, you can manage your finances in one window. Categories and options are listed on the left panel so you can easily have access to them. Categorize your income and expenses so budgeting will be more convenient. Find out how much you have spent and where you spent them during a specific period. Searching for a specific item on your account is also easy as you just have to type the keyword on the search field. Check your accounts on banks and financial institutions that support direct connection. Access your MoneyWell account while on the go through your iPhone as you can sync them to use the program anytime.

6. iFinance6iFinance

This application was developed by Synium Software GmbH. You can get this from the App Store for $29.99. Like other money management programs, it also tracks on your income and spending. You can also download it on your iOS device so you can access your account while on the go. This way you can enter transactions immediately as they happen. If you have recurring transactions, you don’t have to enter them multiple times. Instead, you may indicate how many times they occur and the program will do the computation automatically. Set your budget for each account and be notified when you are nearing your set amount. You also have the option to protect your account with a password.

5. iCompta5iCompta

This program was developed by LyricApps and can be downloaded for $16.99. Manage not only your personal budget but the expenses that you share with others. You can create several accounts and place them under a specific group for easy tracking. Download, import or export transactions on some banks. Synchronization with iPad, iPhone and iCompta is also supported.

4. MoneyWiz4MoneyWiz

MoneyWiz is an application created by SilverWiz. Install this program on your Mac for $24.99. Create various accounts and enter your income and expenses to keep track of your money. Transferring of amount from one account to another is also possible for flexible budgeting. Conveniently make split payments if you do not wish to pay a certain bill at once. It supports different currencies and languages. Sorting and searching of entries is also made easier. Make your own budget and be notified when you are about to approach your limit. Get reminders for scheduled bills to avoid missing them.

3. Money Book3Money Book

This software was developed by Alex Rastorgouev and is available for $9.99. It supports several currencies and comes with a built-in calculator. Easily manage your finances with the help of Money Book. Track your income and expenses for a specific week, month or even year, depending on your preference. You have unlimited access on creating budgets and categories. You don’t have to worry about your account as it is password protected.

2. Cashculator2Cashculator

Cashculator was created by Apparent Software and you can download it from the App Store without a cost. It does not offer other features that you can find on most paid money management programs. However, it can effectively help you manage your budget with its basic income and expenses feature. This is an easy to use program. The interactive tutorial makes it even more convenient and faster to learn how it works. Create your budget, split bills into several payments and forecast your budget and spending with Cashculator.

1. iBank1iBank

This software was developed by IGG Software, LLC and is available for $59.99. This is one of the most trusted programs when it comes to money management. Manage various accounts conveniently including savings, mortgage, checking, debit and credit cards. Be on top of your investments with its great investment feature. Add, edit, delete or search for transactions without difficulties. Set, track and compare budget so you can adjust to create one that works for you. Your account is protected by password and you get free support for any inquiries that you may have.

Be in control with your finances with the help of these Mac money management software. Track your income and expenses and find a budget that will fit your lifestyle.


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