Top 10 Best Malware Removal Mac Programs That Will Clean Your System


Malware or malicious software can cause various problems on your computer. This includes annoying pop-ups, slowness, freezing, redirection to other sites and even identity theft. There are different kinds of malware like virus, worm, spyware, Trojan and adware. You may get them installed on your computer by downloading unknown attachments or links, sharing infected files and inserting infected devices on your computer. Due to the growing number of Mac users, even the once most secured platform is now being attacked by these dangerous programs. Keep your computer protected by using software designed for security protection and malware removal Mac.

10. ProtectMac AntiVirus
10ProtectMac AntiVirus

This program is available for $44.99 though you can download the 30 day free trial first to see if it works well for you. This is a good deal, considering that this is one of the trusted security programs for Mac. It is not just easy to install but it is also easy to use. Scanning files, folders or drives can be done in just one click. It effectively detects spyware, virus, Trojans and worms that may be present on your computer. It continuously runs in the background so you can stay protected. Scheduled scans can also be set to the time convenient for you. It automatically scans removable media devices. It offers automatic updates so you can be sure that your Mac will be protected from the newly found malware.

9. iAntiVirus


This is a free software from Norton that will protect your Mac from virus and spyware. It can block malicious programs to prevent your system from being infected. Scan can be done by simple drag and drop. It does not slow down your computer even when running a scan so you can do your usual activity as it runs on the background. It does not just detect Mac threats but Windows too. This means that you will be fully protected even when sharing documents or files with other Windows users. However, automatic update is not available. If you wish your program to stay up to date, you may check on the App Store to manually update iAntiVirus.

8. McAfee Virus Scan

8McAfee Virus Scan

This security protection and malware removal Mac program is a powerful tool for keeping your computer free from all malicious programs. It can efficiently detect Trojans, adware, malware, spyware and virus, and block or remove them from your system to prevent infection. It scans all files that you access so you can be sure that they are safe. Scan folders, files or drives by dragging and dropping them to the program. Furthermore, you will receive an automatic update every time one is available. You can get this for a cost, though a free trial is also available.

7. Norton Antivirus

7Norton Antivirus

This software is available for $49.99. This is one of the most popular security protection programs both for Mac and Windows computers. By using Norton, you can be sure that your system is always protected because of its daily updates. It scans in the background without slowing down your computer so you can continue doing your regular activities like Internet browsing. Norton scans your e-mail and chat messages for potential threats to avoid downloading attachments that contain malicious programs.

6. Rootkit Hunter

6Rootkit Hunter

Rootkits are malicious programs that hide themselves on legitimate applications so they can’t be detected by usual scanning. Rootkit Hunter is a free program that you can use on your Mac to detect these malwares. It scans for hidden files, suspected strings and files that may be used by rootkits.

5. MacScan


Get MacScan for $39.99 or for $29.99 using its promo code. MacScan can detect and remove spyware, as well as tracking cookies from your computer. Since running the program on the background may slow your system down, it does not automatically scan unless you set a schedule for it. You may also perform a manual scan anytime you want. As an additional feature, it allows deleting of web browsing history in one click. Free technical support is available in case you encounter any concerns with the software.

4. Mac Malware Remover

4Mac Malware Remover

This is a simple and easy to use malware remover that you can install on your Mac. It detects and deletes known malicious programs that have attacked Mac computers in the past including Olyx, Sabpab, MacKontrol and the recent malware to attack Mac systems, which is the Flashback malware. To scan your system, click Start Scan and the program will begin looking for malicious programs on your Mac. The result will be shown to you and you will be given the option to clean the infected files.

3. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

3.Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

This is a free program that you can use for detecting and removing all kinds of malware on your computer. It directly connects to SophosLabs to check on the latest virus, spyware, Trojan or adware found. This will keep your computer safe from threats whether they are known or unknown. Unknown threats are suspicious programs that may or may not be malicious. However, they are still included on the files detected as threats so you can remove or quarantine them. If you are not sure if the files are legitimate or not, you may quarantine them first.

2. ClamXav


This is a free program that gives you more control on the scans. Choose if you wish to scan that whole drive or just specific files. You may also set it to automatically scan new files on your hard drive that have not been scanned yet. Receive daily update to make sure you have the latest protection. This is easy to use as you can drag and drop items that you wish to scan.

1. Flashback Malware Removal Tool

1.Flashback Malware Removal Tool

Flashback malware recently attacked and infected several Mac computers. To help remove the malicious program, Apple released Flashback malware removal tool that users running OS X Lion can use. Install and run the application and it will check the computer for the presence of the said malware. If found, the tool will remove it from your system and give you the message that it was successfully deleted.

These security protection and malware removal Mac programs are very important not only for removing infections on your computer but for protecting it as well. Install one of these software to make sure your system is secured.


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