Top 10 Fun Mac Games That You’ll Surely Love

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Playing computer games is an effective and great way to relax from stress and enjoy your rest time. Children, teens and even young adults are addicted to virtual gaming nowadays. Virtual gaming is enjoyable and an enthralling way in spending your leisure time. It involves no strenuous effort and actual risk. A constant and fast internet connection is the only required thing for downloading free funny games for Mac. Games are one scope where big labels have acquired to reach the Mac software than on other programs. Mac gaming applications or programs hasn’t always been the main concern for most game developers, but with fast digital circulation algorithms such as the Mac App Store and Steam, people can now easily purchase a game, download it on their PC and play it without delay. So if you’re ready to have a wonderful time in playing great Mac games, here is a list of top 10 fun Mac games that you will surely love.

10. Frozen Synapse10 Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse is a turn-based virtual game application ideal for Mac gamers. Contrasting to traditional turn-based games, this game creates play out at once within five seconds. You only have few units, which each of them has particular weapon and drive speed. Smart strategies, vigilant planning and the skill to do in advance to your opponent’s next move are the secrets to achieve success, especially in a multiplayer mode. So, if you want a fun turn-based game for your Mac, this game is the perfect choice.

9. Bejeweled 39 Bejeweled 3

One of the most popular games you can have in your Mac computer, iPad or iPhone devices is Bejeweled 3. This game will let you discover different ways to solve the puzzle. You can also search for your impeccable match with 8 spectacular game modes that will fit all your moods – including Quest, Classic, Zen and Lightning. Enjoy the game’s wonderful sound and visual effects. Receive different eye-catching reward badges and take part in boundless gem-matching fun. So, if you want a fun puzzle game, the Bejeweled 3 is for you.

8. Braid8 Braid

Braid is one of top fun games that you can have on your Mac devices or computers. It is a brainteaser-platform built in an artiste style, where you can take control on the flow of time in bizarre and scarce ways. From a simple homeowner in the city, voyage to a sequence of worlds and unravel puzzles to save a captured princess. In each world, you will acquire various power to disturb the way time works, and it is them time’s oddness that generates the puzzles. Braid makes your attention and time as valuable. Each puzzle shows you something new, different and interesting about the game.

7. Galaxy on Fire 27 Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a wonderful and stunning space trader game with 3D effects, fun missions, smooth graphics and enthralling storyline. With only your primary ship and the aid of sociable people at different space stations you visit, you’ll be able to learn various ways of arming your ship, purchasing and trading merchandises for cash, mining for minerals and how to gain side journeys in various space station lounges. This game is ideal for those people who want to have an exciting and more fun game for their Mac PCs and devices.

6. Marble Blast Gold6 Marble Blast Gold

Marble Blast Gold is a skill-based interactive game in which you will roll your marble through a perplexing and puzzling scene without falling. As you move through the puzzling and multi-colored landscapes, there are numerous power-ups to boost speed and for longer jumps. Along the way, you will also gather gems while attempting to finish the course as fast as possible. After each accomplished level, a new and more complex landscape shows and the challenge start again. There are at most100 levels to achieve and each level has its own difficulties.

5. Minecraft5 Minecraft

One of the most eminent fun video game you can install in Mac PC or devices such as iPhone or iPad. Minecraft is a type of virtual Lego game that is widely notable, especially for teens and children. This game is developed exclusively by Markus Persson, a Swedish game developer. The aim of this game is break and place blocks in order to build different structures that will safeguard you against nocturnal monsters. As the game develops, players can now work together to build splendid, artistic things.

4. The World of Goo4 The World of Goo

The World of Goo is a visually spectacular physics-based brainteaser that allows you to build structures out of small, flexible gooballs. The main objective of the game is to get and expand the gooballs to the intake pipe, which is usually in the top or out of reach location. In order to get a hold of the intake pipe, you must make use of your gooballs to build towers and bridges and other structures from a preset starting point. It’s quite challenging because you need to reach the intake pipe with limited number of gooballs, thus, good strategy is needed.

3. Fruit Ninja3 Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a sensational action game with squelchy and satisfying fruit butchery. Lash out through the screen to delectably cut every fruit like a real ninja warrior. With three game styles in single player and global leaderboard, the hooking gameplay will cling to you to come back for even greater scores. So, if you want to slice different fruits the ninja way, then Fruit Ninja is for you.

2. Angry Birds Space2 Angry Birds Space

The Angry Birds Space is a brainteaser game based on the popular game application Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space presents new fun and enthralling adventures in different planets with zero gravity, resulting in remarkable gameplay spanning from slow-motion brainteasers to light speed annihilation. With new type of birds and new superpowers, and a wide galaxy to discover, this will surely give you a true excitement. Play against space pigs and take revenge on kidnapping their eggs.

1. Trine 21 Trine 2

The Trine 2 is a stunning looking and excellent puzzle platform game, with exquisite and splendid fantasy scenery and some creative game play. Succeeding on from the Trine of 2009, Trine 2 tells the three medieval heroes come together to protect their empire again. There is Pontius the Knight, Zoya the Thief and Amadeus the Wizard, and each of them has various abilities that you need to enhance or master to quickly get through every level. Trine 2 also adds an online multiplayer, which lets you go through the game, each playing one warrior.


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