Top 10 Firewalls for Mac That Safeguards Your Privacy

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Every Macintosh device has built-in firewall – a provision that can be constructed to outlaw information from accessing your Mac. Every time you ask data from the Internet, such as email message or a web page, your Mac transmits data packs to ask information. Servers obtain the packets, and then transmit other packs back to your Mac. This transmission and receiving of data will only take a few seconds. Once your Mac has reconvened the packs, you’ll see a bit like a web page or an email message. A firewall can aid in precluding bad packs from accessing your Mac. Computer hackers love to launch preset programs or applications that can probe thousands of computers, as well as your Mac for vulnerable ports that can be misused. To make sure that random individuals do not achieve illegitimate admission to your Mac, you should empower the Mac OS X’s built-in firewall. However this built-in firewall is not sufficient to protect your Mac, so it is also important to purchase third-party firewalls for better protection. To help you in picking third-party firewalls for Mac, here is a list of top 10 firewall Mac software for you.

10. NetMine10 NetMine

NetMine is one of the most purchased third-party firewall for your Mac computer operating OS X developed by ProteMac. This firewall controls and monitors the entire network and Internet activity of your Mac. NetMine safeguards your Mac against prohibit entry to and from your computer together with other activities initiated by an external source or software programs. With NetMine activated in your Mac, you can guarantee the security of your computer from various security threats.

9. Norton Personal Firewall 3.09 Norton Personal Firewall 3.0

Norton Personal Firewall 3.0.3 is an outgoing firewall application that’s simple to configure and safeguards your Mac from any unwanted access by monitoring the inbound network traffic. Norton Personal Firewall succeeds Apple’s built-in firewall, providing you security that’s sufficient, easier to organize, and uncomplicated to access. Once you’ve installed and launched Norton Personal Firewall, you can opt to go through brief, navigated format procedure, which permits you to choose from three different degrees of security and notification.

8. Flying Buttress8 Flying Buttress

The Flying Buttress firewall program is ideal for Mac users who need an unconventional firewall logging, configuration and IP sharing routes. Flying Buttress has the ability to shift between firewall outline sets easily and promptly. This firewall filter monitors all the qualifiers on network or host addresses. It also operates other protocols aside from UDP or TCP. Flying Buttress also has various filter configurations on various network interfaces. So, if you want a flexible firewall filter for your Mac, then the Flying Buttress can be your best choice.

7. DoorStop X Firewall7 DoorStop X Firewall

The DoorStop X Firewall safeguards your Mac from undesired intrusion from the Internet, recording both permitted and discarded attempts. It is an easy-to-operate interface which means fewer chances of faults. It also has a wide array of service and addressing options that give you an advanced control over how services are secured. DoorStop X Firewall increases the Mas OS X built-in firewall and operates with Mac OS X server as well.

6. IceFloor6 IceFloor

Icefloor is a graphic fronted for PF. It is an easy-to-configure firewall program for Mac OS X and has a simple and decent interface with quick start configuration guide. IceFloor hinders risky hosts by utilizing Emerging Threats and undesired links on the fly by using the Connection Inspector. You can also easily manage outgoing networks rules and generate network PF options. It also allows you to browse and edit active PF tables, anchors and rules by utilizing the PF browser.

5. NetBarrier X55 NetBarrier X5

The NetBarrier X5 security set is one of the top firewall software you can avail for your Mac. This firewall provides numerous facilities to defend your Mac from criminals and hackers. Its centerpiece is the NetBarrier firewall, but the packet can also prevent cookies while you surf the Internet, scrub personal data afterwards, and prevent Trojans. Once the NetBarrier X5 is activated, a Setup Assistant gives you brief explanation about the programs’ features and recommend some sensible default configurations; for users with more understanding, those configurations are quite configurable. So, if you want an easy-to-setup and reliable firewall for your Mac, the NetBarrier X5 is your ideal choice.

4. NoobProof4 NoobProof

NoobProof is a reliable and proficient firewall configuration facility for Mac OS X. NoobProof has a record of services and each service can be permitted or denied. You can also opt to permit or block specified subnets or hosts. You can add or eliminate services from the content, and generate new services. NoobProof also allows you to control black lists, adjust bandwidth and generate self-configuration facilities called injectors. As you activate NoobProof, the Setup Wizard will then help you with setting up the Mac OS X firewall.

3. Little Snitch 2.0.33 Little Snitch 2.0.3

The Little Snitch is one of the firewalls that help safeguard your Mac from the intrusion of any undesired visitors from the Internet. Little Snitch provides you notification whenever a program or application tries to build an outbound Internet connection. You can select to permit or block this connection, or generate a rule on how to manage comparable, upcoming connection tries. This consistently avoids the private information from being transmitted out without your awareness. The Little Snitch Firewall operates discreetly in the background and it can also distinguish any network correlated activity of Trojans, viruses and other malicious software.

2. WaterRoof 2.02 WaterRoof 2

WaterRoof 2.0 is a firewall management fronted with bandwidth tuning, port redirection, automated rules tracking, NAT configuration, predefined rule set, logs wizards, data and other features. With WaterRoof 2.0 you can also configure the firewall built IPFW promptly and easily. WaterRoof is simply a front which means that when you’ve finished testing/configuring your firewall, you can simply remove WaterProof from your Mac OS X system, without affecting your set rules. Thus, if you want a flexible firewall tool for your Mac, then WaterRoof 2.0 is the best firewall to choose.

1. TCPBlock1 TCPBlock

TCPBlock is a versatile, reliable and quick application firewall for Mac OS X 10.5 developed by Delantis. TCPBlock is applied as a core component which covers the entire blocking logic. You can set it up in the TCPBlock command line utility or within the System Preferences TCPBlock advance panel. All the structure modifications of TCPBlock are made constant in a structure file on the hard disk. At program boot time the TCPBlock core extension reads its structure from the disk and it is ready to activate. So, if you’re looking for a very excellent, useful and consistent firewall application for your Mac, then TCPBlock is the best program to choose.


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    July 2, 2014 6:59 pm

    I tried Little Snitch briefly. It’s nice, but not free.

    IceFloor is really fancy, but complex for newbies and non-experts. It seems like it doesn’t do prompts to allow/deny/customize when using a network software that access the network?

    I am still looking at the other easy to use free GUI alternatives that can do outbound blockers like Windows’ Kerio Personal Firewall, Outpost Firewall 2009, Norton, etc.


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