Top 10 Website Builders for Mac and Web Design Software for Mac System


If you want to start a small business, you will need a website. Most of the time, the Internet will be the first place to look for the means to start things as well as in finding and learning about the process. It may sound absurd, but the creation and maintenance of a website using website development software is pretty easy and simple as well as cheap. The use of a website builder in launching the online presence of your business can increase the cognizance of the products and services you are promoting and this will be a big help that will boost the business. For MAC users, creating website is also as easy as for windows-based system. Even if the Windows platform dominates most web designing software, the website builders for MAC are also as user friendly as those in their Windows counterpart.

In fact, most software that will help you build your own website will work on both platforms. With the right website builder, there is no need for you to spend money in hiring a web designer or even a programmer because with this software, you can make professional looking website inexpensively.

10. Go Daddy Website Builder Premium

10. Go Daddy Website Builder PremiumThe Go Daddy Website Builder Premium is inexpensive software that you can try. It retails at around $15 and it features more than 300 website templates. The software is user friendly. It has the drag and drop functionality, Meta tags, rollover creation with the most used multimedia features such as video, flash, integration of social networking sites, etc. This software also has a shopping cart as part of the package of its e-commerce. The software offers 50 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth.

9. Volusion Gold9. Volusion Gold

The Volusion Gold retails for about $100. One of the strong points of this software is the company’s help and customer support and the graphic and imaging tools within the package. The software has more than 120 templates and is relatively easy to use. It has the basic multimedia features such as video, audio, flash and integration to social networking sites. It has 2 GB of storage and 15 GB of bandwidth, but unlimited number of webpages.

8. Goldfish

8. GoldfishThis software retails around $69 and developed by Fishbeam Software. It has several templates and it also has customizable templates. The company that developed this software has searchable database, user forum and email support for its clients. One of the best things about this software is the animation and multimedia because everything is included and built in. The software is intended for web designers. The user can extend the use of software to web applications.

7. Site2You Premium

7. Site2You PremiumOne of the best features of Site2You Premium is its hosting. It offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and number of webpages. The software is user friendly and there are tutorials and customer support for this one. It has the usual multimedia features such as video and audio as well as flash; however, it has no social networking capabilities. This software costs about $50 and is relatively easy to use and has 128 templates to choose from. This website builder is compatible to both Mac and Windows-based system.

6. SiteW Pro

6. SiteW ProThis software is retailed at $40. The software has above average graphic and imaging tools, help and customer support and hosting. For new users, this software is easy to use. It only has 15 templates; however, every template has great design features. It has most of the multimedia features such as audio, video, flash, animation and social networking integration. It has 1 GB of storage, but unlimited bandwidth with just 100 webpages only.

5. iBuilt Essential eStore5. iBuilt Essential eStore

This software is retailed at around $40 in the market today. It is known for having great help and customer support features as they can be reached through phone and email and it has tutorials. It has great graphic and imaging tools. One of the downside of this software is the hosting – it only offers 1.5 GB of storage with 40 GB of bandwidth. Nevertheless, it has all the essential multimedia features you need such as audio, video, flash, animation and social networking integration. However, the software has more than 100 templates and the common design features.

4. Yahoo SiteBuilder Premier

4. Yahoo SiteBuilder PremierThis software retails at around $9. This is an inexpensive way to start your own website. It has more than 380 templates and is easy to use. The software has the essential designs as well as multimedia features like audio, video, flash and integration for the social networking sites. The software has great customer support features such as the tutorials, phone and email supports. The software offers the essential graphics and imaging tools.

3. 1&1 MyWebsite

3. 1&1 MyWebsiteThe 1&1 MyWebsite is one of the website builders that you can see being advertised. This software/service is retailed for about $10. This one has great customer support services and help services. It has great graphic and imaging tools and its hosting and multimedia/design features can do the job for starting a business website. When it comes to web hosting, this one offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and webpages.

2. Yola Silver

2. Yola SilverThis software is compatible for Windows and Mac users and it has great graphic and imaging tools. It customer support and help features is great. This software is easy to use with about 196 templates. Although it design features is common, its multimedia feature is something to look forward for those building their own website. This software retails in the market for about $10. It offers 5 GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth and web pages.

1. Intuit Website

1. Intuit WebsiteThis software is one of the best Mac website builders today. It retails in the market for about $20. It has more than 2000 templates and the interface is user friendly. It has great multimedia features such as audio, video, flash, animation, etc. Its web hosting is pretty common as it only offers 5 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. For beginners, its help and customer support services can guide throughout the process of website building.


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  1. Craig Jefferson

    September 19, 2013 9:40 am

    Try out also! Being free, the platform offers intuitive interface making the design process easy and fun. Great choice among a collection of business templates and for those already having a clear idea about their webpages – a blank canvas option is available.

  2. Guest

    December 27, 2014 4:34 pm

    Puzl isn’t specialized website builder for Mac System. Of course it will be suitable for developing website on Mac as well as all online website builders listed here. But if we’re talking only about Mac website builders, these are: RapidWeaver, iWeb, Sandvox, EverWeb and other less known but worthwhile website builders.


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