Top 10 Tips on Buying Mac Speakers for Top Notch Sound on Your Computer

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Audiophiles always have to have their tracks in the highest quality possible. From great Mac speakers, to programs with deep equalizers and customizations, everything can be subject to improving the sound you get out of your computer. There are even certain types of audio formats that are designed for lossless quality tracks. Formats like .Flac are some of the favored options when detailed music is involved, but having a little help from a few programs and gear should really enhance your listening experience. So if you’re in the market to find those tools, then here is a list of those tools, which will help you out with that endeavor.

10. Price Vs. Quality10.Price Vs. Quality

One huge thing you can never neglect when it comes to speakers is the price against how much quality you’re actually getting. You wouldn’t want to buy a video card without first checking reviews and specs online and comparing them to other hardware pieces. The same really applies to speakers as a great set for too high of a price might destroy your future budget. At the end of it, the best way to determine how much you can afford out of a set is to check out reviews online. This is the best determinant in price vs. quality because you get opinions from people who have actually used the thing.

9. Sound Quality9.Sound Quality

One very big detail that manufacturers often try to shine over is that there isn’t a gold standard in judging frequency and sound. This is a common thing among companies, so you really can’t judge a speaker system until you’ve passed the sound with your own ears. This might mean going to the store and checking out specs yourself, but it will be worth it at the end of the trip.

8. Find the Sound Quality you like8.Find the Sound Quality you like

There are people who like the thump of a loud bass, while others, enjoy a full bodied and controlled sound experience. Just because a set sounds right for now, doesn’t mean it is the pair of speakers that you’d enjoy, and that’s alright. The best way to judge sound is to check out these speakers with your favorite tracks or genres. This will inevitably result in the best choice because you can pick the speakers tailor made to your favorite sound.

7. Don’t Trust Artist Branded Speakers or Headphones7.Don't Trust Artist Branded Speakers or Headphones

Though some brands may be all the rage right now because they’re made by some famous artist, you can’t trust them. These speakers and headphones are often branded to show off some flair, as opposed to being judged on their merits instead. Falling into the fad will waste your money and your time.

6. Cross Platform Usage6.Cross Platform Usage

Some speaker manufacturers often take the time to make cross platform speakers. That means you can use your iPhone or your Mac while exploiting this hardware fully. These are often the best choice as you kill two birds with one stone. Couple this tip with the ones above and you are sure to get the most out of the hardware as it will sound great regardless of which device you may be using them on.

5. Looking for a Suitable Type of Input5.Looking for a Suitable Type of Input

There are several types of input when it comes to speakers for the Mac. A great type to exploit is the wireless input method as multiple devices can be hooked up, so to speak. However, some iPhone dock speakers also have an wired input system, which basically means you can hook up your Mac. It’s up to you to figure which format is the best, but remember to factor in your budget because going overboard is the last thing you want to do.

4. Cross Platform for Mobile Devices4.Cross Platform for Mobile Devices

This one is simple enough; if you have more use for your iPad and iPhone than you do for your Mac, then you should opt to find a speaker system that can dock both and iPad and an iPhone. This’ll enable you to make full use of your two favorite devices, so look up the speakers made specifically for Apple products.

3. Controls on your Speaker3.Controls on your Speaker

This one is, again, a very simple feature that you can’t overlook. Having manual volume control and the ability to strengthen or lower your Bass is essential, so try to find some speakers with a decent set of knobs that actually work to control your sound. This way, when the sound controls on the Mac aren’t enough, you can just turn a dial and get the volume you want.

2. Don’t be afraid to work on your Budget2.Don't be afraid to work on your Budget

A great sound isn’t always dictated by how much you lay on your counter. Sometimes, the best quality comes from the small companies that really try their best, which is why Cyber Acoustics and Logitech are suggested brands here. They’ve always had some of the better class speakers, headphones, and microphones so it’s worth a look when you’re looking for a pair for your Mac.

1. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot more1.Don't be afraid to spend a lot more

This isn’t an ad for Sony, these speakers are simply on this list to emphasize that if you want a high quality sound, and you’re not afraid of spending a bit of cash, then stuff like Sony might be the option for you. Their sound quality is almost unparalleled, and there’s no doubt that you will enjoy the sound out of each song you play. For great earphones, you can check out Sannheisser, though they’re a lot more pricey than usual.


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