Top 10 Most Widely Used Logo Maker for Mac Guaranteed to Ease Your Boredom

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Whether it is for business or for personal use only, logo making has proven to be quite lucrative. And who are we kidding? It’s also fun do to. Most would just love to have personalized logos for their own use either for their business, computers or mobile phones. And when they find the right tools, people get hooked a lot in making logos for friends and loved ones. The best logo makers are more than adequate business solution either for big companies as well as small ones. Let me list a few of the most used logo maker for Mac and let you decide what suits your taste.

10. Adobe Photoshop CS6

10 Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop has got to be the most famous among photo editing and logo making software. Adobe has come a long way in updating and upgrading the Photoshop series in order to improve and make every second using this software worthwhile. This software can virtually do almost anything like making a logo from scratch or using various models to be altered or modified to suit your own specifications. For Photoshop users, the interface was not really altered a lot so you certainly will not get lost on this new version. Some minor tweaks and changes were made. Hint: new tabs and toolbox.

9. The Logo Creator

9 The Logo Creator

One more software that is worth mentioning in the imaging pool is The Logo Creator for Mac. This awesome application allows the user to make wonderful graphics for advertising. And how about personalized letterheads? This app offers a range of templates that you can choose from. Use it as guide, or you just make your own from scratch. Another cool feature of this app is that the templates can be modified as well, meaning there will be tons of options and designs that can be made. Being cheap, this software offers a really sweet deal.



GIMP is the short name for GNU Image Manipulation program. This program has an array of powerful and unique image editing capabilities that certainly produces high quality output. One of the basic functions of this tool is the paint program that can make simple yet elegant graphics. Another amazing feature of this program is that it allows you to create your own images. There’s no limit to what you can imagine. It may also function as a retouching tool for images or photos that just needs that a whiff of editing to be absolutely perfect.

7. Pixelmator

7 Pixelmator

Pixelmator is the closest than can be compared with Photoshop in terms of user interface. This software has all the necessary features needed for all your photo editing tasks as well as for logo making and image enhancing. Of course, this software has a demo version, and every page has a watermark. It’s a bit pricey, but the cost can be overlooked seeing that everything this software has to offer is worth every penny.

6. Seashore

6 Seashore

Seashore offers almost the same features as GIMP since it is mainly based on the technology used on the latter. What makes Seashore different from GIMP is that is focuses more on the simplicity of enhancing, editing and making pictures for the users. IT allows for a lot of individuality. It is not yet so great as to replace professional editing methods but it does offer simple solutions for everyday editing and logo making needs.

5. LiveQuartz 2

5 LiveQuartz 2

LiveQuartz 2 is made just for Mac. The user interface of this program is easy to use. The creators made sure that anybody whether a newbie or a professional can use and create wonderful images with this application. LiveQuartz 2 has an array of very useful tools for editing and making logos and pictures that included multi-touch support features and various layer management options.

4. Paint.Net

4 Paint.Net

Kids love to play around this application and draw just about almost anything. Even just playing around colors makes it fun for them. The interface of this software is so easy to use. Basic editing and creation is possible with this tool, the limit is only within one’s imagination. Paint does not boast a lot in terms of functionality but never belittle this program. As simple as it may look, wonderful and outstanding logos and images can be created with it.

3. Pixen

3 Pixen

Pixen was specifically made for pixel artists. The goal of the creators was to enable the user to do intense and intricate pixel editing in order to make the pictures and logos more vibrant and alive. The most awesome feature of this software is that it has a stylish layer support in which virtually no other pixel editing software possesses. It is also equipped with numerous tools and animation options for an array of options. The user interface is also worth mentioning since it is stunning and spontaneous.

2. Sumo Paint

2 Sumo Paint

Sumo paint is another wonderful logo making application for Mac. It offers tools that will help you reach new ideas and take them to certain lengths. Operating this software is very smooth process. And the image processing is immensely optimized for fast pace editing and creation. What makes this application quite unique and flexible is that it can be used at around 22 languages. Wouldn’t that be easier if you are making and editing logos and using the features on your own terminologies? I certainly do so.

1. Color Splash Studio

1 Color Splash Studio

Color Splash Studio allows the user to play with the colors of the medium being edited. Personal photos that are to be used eventually as logos would certainly look even better by applying the wonderful and wide array of color techniques and options this awesome has in store for you. This application also features social networking sharing –a very common feature for most photo editing and logo making software.

I hope that you now have an idea of what logo maker software that would suit your Mac computer. Logo making and image creations however do not simply rely on the application being used on it, it is mostly up to the user that makes every image and logo unique and beautiful.


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