Top 10 Best Programs for Mac and Software that Will Increase Your Productivity

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Most Mac computers are loaded with applications – these programs or software run from helping you in your productivity, being entertained to playing high definition games. These programs are not equally used. There are some that you rely heavily and there are some that do not, but you still need them. These programs are essential and they serve particular purpose for your Mac and for you in general. Some programs are free and can be downloaded anytime whilst some come with a fee and you must pay it in order to fully utilize it. Most of the best programs for Mac are downloadable over the internet. They are easily accessible. For your business of personal use, these programs can provide organization and reducing your workload leading to better productivity in your part.

10. Cloud App10.Cloud App

The Cloud App is a program that you can get in the App store for free. This program is a web service allowing users like you to store your files over the internet. Also, this will enable you to share these files with your family, friends or colleagues. The clients for Mac permit you to easily file these to the icon of the menu bar and then the file you choose is uploaded. The URL of the chosen file will be clip boarded. Since this is a free program, there is some limitation especially in the file size allowed to be stored. The paid version permits more space.

9. Text Expander9.Text Expander

The Text Expander programs runs on the background of the Mac system without consuming big memory. This program permits you to enter to small text phrases or snippets in which can be expanded into the graphic strings or preset text. This program is a great application that can help you in saving time in your work like when you are typing. However, this program for Mac is not free – you can have this for $29.99 and buying it on the App store

8. BusyCal8.BusyCal

The iCal app is built in in your Mac system. However, it is not that comprehensive enough as a calendar app. Hence, you can use the BusyCal to replace your iCal. This comprehensive program synchronizes Yahoo! Calendar, Google Calendar, MobileMe, and more. It features support for Core Animation providing great effects and allowing for rich text snippets that can be embedded to events. The drawback, this program cost $49.99 and you can buy it on the App store.

7. OmniFocus7.OmniFocus

The OmniFocus is a program about increasing the productivity for any users wanting to get his/her stuff done with high quality. This program is like a task management app. If you want something to be done professionally, you have to install this in your Mac. You can watch the walk-through video of this program in order to grasp what it can do for you. This program is a paid one in which you have to buy it for whopping $79.99 for a program on the App store.

6. LaunchBar 56.LaunchBar 5

The LaunchBar 5 is a program working as file launcher as well as an app that accesses data within the files. You can add important events to your iCal, go through your contacts and many. You can try this for free as they offer 30 days period of trial and if you find it powerful for your device, then buy it for $35.

5. Reeder5.Reeder

The Reeder is a program that started as an app in both iPad and iPhones. This program will keep your Google Reader in complete synchronization with your desktop client. It permits reading of the entire Google Reader feeds through its neat interface and you can post these to third parties website like Twitter. This program is recommended for those who are utilizing Google Reader in consuming RSS feeds. The Reeder is available for $9.99 on the App store.

4. Divvy4.Divvy

Divvy is small program working to organize your open windows and apps. If you activate this program, you will see an overlay pop-up that will permit you to choose where on the screen of your Mac you would desire the app to appear. This program is great if you want quick organization of several open apps and windows. The cost of this program is $13.99 and it is available on the App store.

3. Sparrow3.Sparrow

The Sparrow is a program working as email client for Mac. It features neat interface and can bring and harness the strength of Gmail to your desktop. Of course, Sparrow can be used to most email provider. If you love using Gmail, this is the program that you must have because it has similar features with Gmail, but with the interface of a Mac. This email client program cost about $9.99 and is available on the App store.

2. Google Chrome2.Google Chrome

The default web browser for Mac is Safari, but most users will agree that Google Chrome is better than Safari. Google Chrome is way faster than Safari or any web browser. In fact, it may be the fastest browser today. It is also stable than the default for Mac. It ability to synchronize between various Macs helps you in organizing things. It is easy to bookmark your favorite site, browse your ‘Most Visited’ websites and even add some personal customization through its wide array of themes. Best of all, this web browser is free and you can download it anytime.

1. Dropbox1.Dropbox

Dropbox is a program about file changing and transferring between computers. Dropbox works by synchronizing your entire files into single Dropbox folder whether you have computers running on Windows, Mac and Linux. The sync process is so fast in which it just takes few seconds before you can observe the changes on all of your computer system. The files are well organized and you can easily find what you are looking for. If your files are equal to or less than 2 GB, you can use this program for free. However, if you have bigger than 2 GB or in which you have 50 GB worth of file, you have to pay $99.95 per year to use this program.


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