Top 10 Mac Data Recovery Tools That Can Efficiently Restore Missing, Deleted or Corrupted Files


Though Mac computers are considered to be more stable, they are still not 100% safe from virus and corruption, which can cause missing files. Furthermore, data may also be lost if you reformatted drives or accidentally deleted data. You can still restore your files by using a powerful Mac data recovery program. Here are some of the best tools that you can use.

10. Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery

10. Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery

Disk Doctors is a powerful and easy to use tool for recovering files. Whether the drive was reformatted, folders were accidentally deleted or files were corrupted, this software can help recover your data. You can get this for $179. When you use this program, you can choose which drive to scan. You may also choose to scan specific folders within a drive. This is faster and more convenient especially if you are trying to restore files only on a specific location. Aside from your computer’s hard drive, it can also recover files from external drives attached to your computer like memory card from digital camera or mobile and USB flash drive. However, the brands that it supports are only limited. This includes G-drive, LaCie, Maxtor, Seagate and iOmega.

9. EaseUS

9. EaseUS

EaseUS offers a safe, effective and easy way of restoring all kinds of missing files including documents, music, photos and videos. It does not cause damage to the recovered files. It can work on formatted disks, deleted files, partitioned drives and corrupted drives, files and folders due to virus or other reasons. It also supports recovery for other types of storage like Mp3 and Mp4 players, external hard drive, digital camera and memory cards. It offers preview of files before proceeding with the recovery so you can check on their quality and decide if you want to restore them. There is a free version for this tool, which you can use without a cost. There are also paid versions that offer more features including creating bootable disk and technical support.

8. Boomerang Data Recovery

8. Boomerang Data Recovery

For $99.95, you can get this software that can recover corrupted, missing or deleted files. It has a user friendly interface, which makes it convenient to use even for those that are not computer savvy. It can recover files from hard drives, as well as external drives. Aside from its data recovery feature, it also has a built-in backup feature that lets you backup your files easily. This is perfect if you are planning to reformat your computer or if you just want to make sure that you have a backup copy of your files. Its help feature will also aid in familiarizing yourself with the tool; though as mentioned, it is straightforward and easy to use. It also offers live chant and phone support in case you would like to talk to an expert.

7. Disk Drill

7. Disk Drill

Another free tool that you can use for restoring your files is Disk Drill. Recover any missing data from your hard drive, whether it’s internal or external. This program can still recover even those that cannot be detected by the computer. If you accidentally deleted photos or music on your computer, you can still get them back by scanning it using this software. If you have partitioned your Mac and data went missing, do not fret as Disk Drill can restore these files. Even missing music, video and data on your iPod can be recovered by the program. Paid versions of this tool are also available.

6. Virtual Lab

6. Virtual Lab

Starting at $39.95, you can get this tool that you can use for data recovery on your Mac computer. Whatever the reason is for the missing data, this program can successfully recover it for you. It works on formatted disks, deleted files, corrupted files and drives that would not mount. It has a simple user interface that would tell you instantly what the options are for. It also recovers data from external disks, flash drives and memory cards.

5. Data Recovery Guru

5. Data Recovery Guru

Deleted or missing files are not gone forever. With the use of Data Recovery Guru, you can still have access to them, whether they were accidentally deleted or they were corrupted. It works on hard drives connected to your Mac; even those that cannot be detected by the computer. It can also restore data from digital camera, media player, mobile phones and other devices. It is easy to use as it has an interface similar to finder. The difference is that the files that it shows you are deleted or missing files from the drive or folder you selected.

4. Data Rescue 3

4. Data Rescue 3

This data recovery tool is available at $99. It does not attempt to repair drives, which can sometimes cause more harm than good. Instead, it focuses on recovering missing, corrupted and deleted files and restoring to the best quality possible, then saving them on a new destination. It can restore files on drives that were corrupted and those that would not mount. It can also recover data from external storage that were reformatted or have missing files. It offers technical support via phone and e-mail, so you know that an expert will be there for you when you need their help.

3. R-Studio

3. R-Studio

For $79.99, you can get this powerful data recovery software for your Mac. This is also available for Windows and Linux users. It can recover deleted, corrupted and missing data from corrupted or formatted drives. Aside from restoring data from internal and external hard drives, it can also recover all types of files from other storages including memory card, flash drive and digital camera. It also offers a feature for processing bad sectors, backup, recovery disk imaging and driver recovery using LAN or the Internet.

2. TechTool Pro

2. TechTool Pro

This is the complete tool that you would need to ensure the efficiency of your computer. It does not just recover deleted or missing data but it also offers other great features that will be useful for you. You don’t need to be a techie to keep your computer in perfect condition. It offers diagnostic and repair, which can automatically find and fix errors on your computer. It can also rebuild damaged hard drives, as well as an emergency startup partition, clone volumes and monitor LAN. You can get this software starting at $99.99.

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery

Get this recovery data software for $99.00. This is a trusted program for restoring inaccessible, missing or deleted data. Whatever type and file format you are looking for, this tool can effectively recover them, even when the disk is not read by the computer. It does not just restore files from your hard drive, but from other drives connected to your computer including iPod, flash drive and digital camera. It offers preview while the scan is still ongoing.

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  • uberfu

    Alsoft not making DiskWarrior anymore ?

    Why was it left off the list – has it gotten that bad ?

  • Lerryde

    Well, another tool i used to recover deleted files from Mac is Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac:
    It help me find my photos and important documents back after my sister deleted them unconsciously.

    • Joyce Spence

      All depends upon what kind of data you want to recover. If you just want to recover multimedia files like photos, videos, audio files then to give a shot for complete data recovery software is not a great move, a photo recovery software is enough it self. If want to recover other data then go for complete data recovery software as it cost you double in comparison to a photo recovery software.

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  • mrooney

    Sad to tell a cautionary tale about Techtool Pro. I used Techtool for a zillion years with no trouble. In last 2 months, I had a drive crash, went to a real Mac repair shop to retirieve the data and replace hard drive. I copied the retrieved data on to an external and ran Techtool. Long story short, since then it has chewed up my files on 4 hard drives, that is basically all the graphics work I’ve done in the last 3 years. These are NOT all files that the repair shop retrieved. Consulting their technicians, they have no answer except that it is “unusual” and are “studying” the various reports I sent them. But I need my friggin files back, WORKING! I was considering using TT for data recovery but am now terrified of it. I used Disk Warrior too. Without that. I don’t think my drives would mount anymore at all. But that isn’t a real data recovery or repair app.It rebuilds what’s there. DW and Apple Disk Utility said my drives were good. DW didn’t find any file errors either. Only Techtool said there was something wrong, I ran the rebuild and optimize functions and now there really is something terribly wrong on all 4 drives that I used it on! I really need something that will repair files I don’t believe are that screwed up.

    I am relieved to hear about Stellar Phoenix on a site like this, and a commenter thinks they’re great. I will give them a try. So far, I’ve only used the demo of their PhotoRecovery and it is pulling a lot of stuff up in the thumbnails that TT and now my Mac say had nothing in them.

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